Micah Daigle
Micah Daigle

Micah Daigle


Creative Director


Oakland, CA

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April 11, 2023
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UI/UXDesignCopywritingTeam CultureCollective IntelligeneStrategy; Brand
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About Micah

Micah is a designer, creative director, and strategist who has served more than 40 organizations over 18+ years.

He specializes in designing brands, products, and systems from scratch, and has also led major redesigns for companies like Asana and Hackpad (now Dropbox Paper). He has a network of creative partners who form a pop-up agency when needed, delivering high-quality work without the overhead of a typical design firm.

Micah's background is in movement-building, having led a global advocacy nonprofit in his early twenties that succeeded in changing many unjust laws. He began designing technology to help members of the organization work together without bottlenecks, so collaboration platforms have been a central to his career.

He also has a deep interest in systems theory, game theory, governance models, social justice, anti-ableism, and community design. In his free time, he makes art, writes science fiction, rides his bike, and befriends dogs.