FuzeQube Partnership: Ecosystem Strategy and The Future of Innovation

FuzeQube Partnership: Ecosystem Strategy and The Future of Innovation

Quorum ModelConsulting
March 16, 2023

We are delighted to announce the start of our active partnership with FuzeQube – a uniquely innovative venture hub and strategic advisory agency based in the UK.


For client work, FuzeQube Advisory will complement Q1’s implementation strengths with world-class strategy, particularly in the space of ecosystem innovation. This horizontal integration will lead to FuzeQube’s advisory on ecosystems, blockchain and immersive technologies being made available to Quorum1’s clients, facilitating value creation that exceeds the sum of the individual parts. 

Beyond our client-focused collaboration, FuzeQube and Quorum1 are aligned in their ambitions to serve the function of think tanks, concerned with, inter alia, the exploration of concepts and structures that enable new paradigms for the futures of collaboration and work. The synergies between FuzeQube’s Ecosystem Approach and the Quorum Model are countless, particularly with uncovering the dynamics of value creation between and within organizations respectively. This arrangement will allow the two organizations and like-minded partners to engage in idea exchange and empirical research, in a concerted effort to collectively enhance pertinent methodologies, publicly share relevant findings, and put mindful development at the forefront of our respective ecosystem expansions. 

We are enthusiastic about this partnership, and look forward to identifying how FuzeQube and Quorum1 can create value collectively and cohesively over time.