Sam Schikowitz
Sam Schikowitz

Sam Schikowitz


Integrative Physician


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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June 30, 2023
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About Sam

Dr. Sam Schikowitz is a physician and entrepreneur with a diverse range of experience in various fields. He is the founder and developer of, a direct democracy and sensemaking software for small and large groups and businesses. Dr. Schikowitz has extensive experience in app design, including UI/UX design, tech stack selection, agile development project lead, alliance building, and marketing.

In addition to his work with, Dr. Schikowitz is also the founder and developer of CleanMed LLC, a specialty medical service that served 12 doctors and had 14 employees prior to the pandemic. His experience with CleanMed LLC includes marketing, video production, technology development, customer service and sales, human resources, and budgeting.

Dr. Schikowitz is also the founder and developer of Holistic Practice Management, a full-service administrative support company that caters to the specific needs of holistic health care providers. This company has 11 employees, and Dr. Schikowitz's experience includes human resources, technology, customer service and sales, and marketing.

Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dr. Schikowitz developed a full-time practice with an emphasis on whole family health, chronic disease and cancer care, weight loss, women’s health, mental health, and difficult to treat conditions. He also worked as a communication educator, providing workshops, classes, and team building services for corporations, civic/charitable groups, schools/colleges, and individuals.