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San Francisco, California

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December 14, 2023
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About Quentin

Quentin Guillaume, a San Francisco-based Full Stack Developer, stands out in the tech industry with a rich portfolio of skills and experiences. His technical expertise spans a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, and JS. Quentin complements these technical skills with a strong background in marketing, business development, and strategy, making him a well-rounded professional in the field of web development. His approach is rooted in not just solving technical challenges but also in understanding and aligning with the broader business objectives.

At AppLovin, Quentin has made significant contributions as a Web Developer. He has been instrumental in crafting website architecture, managing localized websites, and generating innovative WordPress themes and plugins. His work in refactoring the front-end application has improved both functionality and user experience, showcasing his ability to blend technical acumen with user-centric design. Prior to this, Quentin's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Plutus Associates, where he honed his skills in managing various aspects of a business, from operations to sales, further broadening his professional capabilities.

Quentin's academic journey, with a B.A in Business Management & Operations and a specialized training in Software Development, underpins his practical experiences. Outside of his professional life, Quentin is a polyglot, fluent in French, and has a passion for gaming, new technologies, and travel. These interests not only provide him with relaxation but also keep him in tune with the latest technological advancements and global trends, fueling his continuous growth and adaptation in the dynamic world of technology.