Puck Algera, PhD
Puck Algera, PhD

Puck Algera, PhD


Social Impact Strategy & Future of Work


Bali, Indonesia

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May 4, 2023
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Leadership Development...Research...Ecosystem Architecture...Business Systems...
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About Puck

Puck is an experienced social impact & ‘future of work’ specialist, who helps industry and business 'get better at doing good' through strategy, research and organizational design. The central driver in her work is leading change for good.

As a strategist, she develops social impact strategies and impact measurement frameworks to help businesses enhance their social impact while being profitable.

As a researcher, she leads research projects for industry, business and nonprofits to deepen their understanding of their current and desired impact.

And finally, as a ‘future of work’ expert, she guides organizations to adopt participatory and human-friendly systems and practices that make work better, and assists organizations to align their organizational structure with values.

She holds a PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility, and a Master's degree in Business Economics. She is also a Semco Style Expert. Puck works location independent, and is currently Bali-based.

Foci: Values-Driven Business, Social Impact, DAO, Future of Work, Human-Centred Design, Distributed Leadership