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**About Neil Gehani** Neil Gehani | Founding Sherpa, Mind Lumen Neil is a passionate advocate for safe and ethical access to psychedelics. Driven by his own personal journey of healing, he is on a mission to help others. He leverages his years of experience in Silicon Valley to support the burgeoning field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Neil is a 2x Founder, 3x Head of Product. A 20+ year career in Silicon Valley, California, building software products in security, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS platforms. It took Neil ~3 years to find the help he needed, with a lot of friction in the process. He decided to dedicate his life to helping others by applying his skills, knowledge, and personal experience, so others don't have to face the same difficulties that he faced when seeking care. Mind Lumen matches SEEKERS to ethical and reputable providers of mental health services. It also acts as the audit and accounting ethics watchdog for the industry since it is SEEKER centric without conflicts of interest. His passion for building a community oriented, decentralized, regenerative economic model, is in line with his ethics and philosophy.