Mike Thomas


Product (UX/UI) Designer


Carlsbad, California

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September 14, 2023
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Web Development...UI/UX...Mobile App Development...Project Management...
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About Mike

Mike Thomas can be aptly characterized as a multifaceted designer, reminiscent of a Swiss Army Knife, equipped to address any design complexity. He possesses an innate ability to transform innovative concepts into exceptional outcomes, demonstrating both analytical acumen and creative prowess.

His professional journey has taken him across various sectors, including technology, media, education, sustainability, and health and wellness. Such diverse exposure reinforces his belief that the intersection of functionality and aesthetics leads to unparalleled success. Mike specializes in integrating multimedia elements with user-centric designs, resulting in commendable websites, applications, digital content, and impactful marketing campaigns. From initial strategy development to the final product delivery, Mike consistently demonstrates expertise. His strengths encompass ideation, strategic planning, feedback assimilation, and ensuring design uniformity.

Beyond the screen, he draws inspiration from the world around him. Whether he’s surfing, running in the mountains, or exploring the latest in sustainable living and health, he brings fresh perspectives to every project he undertakes.