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**About Matt Levy** Matt is a seasoned executive with deep expertise in Resilience, Site Reliability Engineering, Platform, Cloud, and Infrastructure Engineering. He has a proven track record of optimizing business value through technical innovation and strategic planning. As a leader in the expanding field of Resilience Engineering, Matt excels in driving reliability, antifragility, continuous delivery, security, and scalable cloud infrastructures. He has led initiatives that significantly reduced downtime, improved site reliability, and enhanced incident response. Known for his outcome-driven approach, Matt ensures the reliability and availability of production systems while achieving strategic improvements. Matt leverages his extensive experience to help organizations build robust, resilient infrastructures and software ecologies. He focuses on operational reliability, strategic improvements, and empowering teams through data-driven decision-making. Matt's ability to drive cultural change and his commitment to continuous innovation make him an invaluable partner for enhancing resilience practices.