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Data Onboarding & Data Quality


Los Angeles, CA

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August 9, 2023
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About Mariena

Mariena is an operations-oriented technology and customer leader with over 15 years of experience in the tech field. With a focus on customer experience and organizational scalability, she has effectively managed multi-level teams. As an Enterprise SaaS onboarding and support expert, Mariena concentrates on creating value for marketers, developers, and PMs. Collaboration, efficiency, and customer-centricity are all principles that she values deeply.

Mariena has been instrumental in establishing onboarding processes for intricate technical products. These products require integrating data from various sources, model training, and developing and delivering tailored datasets to clients. Over time, her efforts have led to a substantial reduction in onboarding timelines and increases in delivery quality and reliability. The process has evolved from months to weeks to just a matter of days. Mariena attributes this achievement to her unwavering focus on training, streamlined processes, and effective tools.

Throughout her career, Mariena has collaborated with clients of all sizes and across diverse industries. Notable names such as General Motors, Microsoft, Hello Fresh, and Coca-Cola have all benefited from her expertise and guidance.