Mal Harper-Fung
Mal Harper-Fung

Mal Harper-Fung


Accounting Director


Portland, Oregon

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March 1, 2022
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About Mal

Mal is a transformational leader committed to furthering standards of excellence. She possess diverse managerial experience with expertise spanning across corporate accounting operational and technical functions. Her abilities encompass all aspects of accounting planning as well as scaling for growth. She specialize in everything from controlling costs and maximizing revenues to harnessing team strengths to improve company-wide performance.

Mal is highly skilled in resolving obstacles requiring in-depth financial analysis and a strong understanding of operational controls. She has had repeated success in building and leading teams in launching cutting-edge business solutions.

Mal has successfully established accounting practices for a rapidly growing startups and has driven efficiency and productivity through the implementation of financial management systems and execution of process enhancements for companies of all sizes. Furthermore, her ability to build consensus among executive teams and stakeholders to promote transparency and influence positive change has been repeatedly proven.

Mal’s career demonstrates her comprehensive knowledge of accounting principles and financial systems, as well as her sharp analytical ability when working with complex matters.

If you need an accountant who is passionate about instituting best practices, connect with her.