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Jon VanDeventer

Jon VanDeventer


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Yorktown, Virginia

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September 27, 2021
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About Jon

Jon is a business consultant who loves being challenged with complex problems. He uses deep inquiry to understand the root causes of problems, as well as any contributing factors before helping clients consider possible solutions. His background as an educator helps Jon demystify both the process needed to design elegant solutions and technical details that ensure the client understands how the solutions will add value.

As a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Jon works primarily on declarative solutions and coordinates with developers to deliver programmatic solutions whenever appropriate. He focuses heavily on UI/UX and automations to streamline business processes within the Salesforce platform. His solutions have been implemented in over 100 Salesforce orgs, which include over 50 full implementations of Salesforce across dozens of industries and business models.

Jon holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and spends his spare time listening to business strategy books on Audible and taking courses on Udemy and Coursera.