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Jeffrey Barber

Jeffrey Barber


Entrepreneur, Architect, Mentor


Overland Park, Kansas

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February 22, 2023
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About Jeffrey

Jeff has been interfacing with these infernal machines since way back in the early 90s, and it could be said that the true Jeff was born on the web. “He remembers the old ways” a gruffy old wizard would say of Jeff. Here, Jeff, the hero (and reluctant writer) of this biography, is a curious and most jovial fellow focused with a relentless drive to make these machines, these bicycles for the mind, easier to use.

Perhaps, this meta-task of improving these machines is a fool’s errand, but some brave fool must stand against the storm of pragmatism. Jeff is one such fool, and his most recent attempt is found within his company called “Adama Platform Initiative” which has the cheeky acronym of “API” (to the amusement of no-one except Jeff). The goal of this company is to pull a thread of research that started with a board game and looks (so far) to be ending with “headless spreadsheets”.

Jeff’s technical ability is that of a unicorn. Beyond his successful career, Adama is a cathedral representing his life containing distributed systems, database, messaging, programming languages, web development, web server, yet another web framework, and streaming all in one unified architectural delightful package.

Jeff has expensive experience in building systems at hyperscale (Meta/AWS). The beauty of working at hyperscale is that it isn’t a game for heroes; rather it is a team sport with a whole spectrum of people at different points in their journey. Jeff enjoys mentoring and unlocking people to push past their limits to play the game of building with these infernal machines. Jeff has helped shepherd many individuals throughout his career.

Jeff holds degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. In his spare time, Jeff and his wife play board games, travel the national parks in an RV, and enjoy interacting with animals at zoos.