Javier Carbajo
Javier Carbajo

Javier Carbajo


Leadership and Team Coach


Dallas, Texas

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February 21, 2023
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About Javier

Javier brings over 15 years of Leadership Consulting for Global Fortune 500 companies, specializing in Executive Coaching, Team Facilitation, and Leadership Development Training.

In these years, Javier has worked with managers at all levels, from first-line managers to CEOs, in the US, France, and Spain, across a variety of industries, including aeronautical, automotive, telecom, and banking. He supports leaders and managers in connecting with their strengths, talents, values, passions, and authenticity, and enabling positive behavioral change.

Life long learner, he is an MBA Candidate at Boston University, got an Engineering Certificate from Teesside University UK, and a Business B.A. from Kedge Business School in France. In his spare time, he is an amateur sailor and tennis player.