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**About Ivette, The High Achievers Coach** Sales powerhouse turned resilience guru, Ivette Gonzalez Flower, is here to help you elevate your sales game and harness your strengths without falling victim to self-sabotage. Ivette is a keynote speaker, sales trainer, certified leadership coach with the International Coaching Federation, and a dedicated Positive Intelligence Coach for individuals and sales teams. She specializes in cultivating unwavering resilience, overcoming self-doubt, and excelling in lead generation, empowering you to increase sales. Ivette is a recovering perfectionist and corporate veteran. She founded iFlower Solutions after experiencing burnout as a top-producing senior sales executive in Business-to-Business sales for over 15 years. During this time, she ranked within the top 5% nationally and regionally in sales in the tradeshow and pharmaceutical industries, even earning a 6-figure income while working part-time. But it came at a price. In her early 40s, she found herself hooked up to wires to diagnose what medical mystery was causing her sleep disturbances and memory loss. Two doctors diagnosed her with burnout. She realized that her approach to work mirrored her approach to life: rushing from one thing to the next, prioritizing everyone but herself, and constantly being on the go. Does this sound familiar? Then you're in the right place! Join Ivette on a path where accomplishments resonate with genuine impact, replacing burnout with a thriving sense of purpose and effectiveness. Master resilience, conquer self-doubt, and dominate lead generation to gain a competitive edge and increase sales. Join the community of high achievers who redefine sustainable success! Ivette partners with organizations, entrepreneurs, and sales executives to develop their competitive edge and increase sales by 30%, one squirrel-free moment at at time!