Greg Meyer
Greg Meyer

Greg Meyer


Data Product Manager


Bellingham, WA

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August 3, 2023
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Data Visualization...GTM...Salesforce...Data Ops...Product Ops...Sales Ops...Customer Support...
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About Greg

I am a creative problem solver and a thoughtful builder.

I build products to improve operations using actionable data and automated process. But I also get annoyed when designs are not beautiful and well thought out, and strive to make them better.

Automation works when it answers the most important “what-if” questions that drive organizational change and strategy. It makes the business better and enables scale and speed.

I enjoy delivering outcomes based on connecting systems and data, and particularly at the startup-to-scale up phase of a business.

Where I add value in addition to the product role: data quality and governance, data modeling, product marketing, customer success, sales enablement, Google Sheets