Frederick-Sebastian Krause
Frederick-Sebastian Krause

Frederick-Sebastian Krause


Entrepreneur and Digital Navigator


Copenhagen, Denmark

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November 21, 2023
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Blockchain...Marketing Ops...Leadership Development...Team Culture...External Relations...Collective Intelligene...GTM...
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About Frederick-Sebastian

Frederick-Sebastian Krause has carved a niche in the intersection of digital strategy, brand innovation, and emerging technologies. With over 16 years of experience in marketing, branding, communication, and entrepreneurship he's developed a keen eye for integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain into business practices, focusing on the human-centric aspect of emerging technologies. His approach is both thoughtful and inventive, focusing on practical and sustainable digital solutions.

At DivERS, Frederick-Sebastian plays a central role in developing an AI-powered platform that simplifies and improves the hiring process, emphasizing the importance of a diverse workforce. His involvement with the Nordic Blockchain Association as Head of Community and Partnerships highlights his knack for nurturing meaningful collaborations within the blockchain ecosystem. In his work with Life is a Startup, he adeptly combines entrepreneurial insight with emerging technologies to assist businesses in their digital transformation journeys.

Away from the digital sphere, Frederick-Sebastian enjoys delving into the cultural and foodie scene of Copenhagen. His balanced approach to integrating advanced technology with practical business strategies makes him a resourceful and effective professional in the dynamic field of digital business strategy.