Devin Bayer
Devin Bayer

Devin Bayer


Software / Systems / Data Engineer


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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March 4, 2023
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About Devin

Devin has been building and running services on computers for 20 years in a variety of domains, starting with a Palm Pilot app to count cars and moving onto particle accelerator data pipelines, analytics clusters, distributed billing systems, core internet infrastructure (k-root) and more mundane business software.

He's a generalist who finds interesting problems in any domain, combining his broad knowledge base and systems approach to solving them. He cares about craftsmanship and being in a position to make a difference.

Devin is from New Hampshire, but after college he moved abroad to The Gambia for 2 years. Next was Kyiv, Ukraine, where he often travelled the world to run customer trainings. He finally ended up in Amsterdam for a non-profit networking-focused company. Four years later he started working as an independent consultant.