Deepti Verma


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Canton, Michigan

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December 1, 2023
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Salesforce...Web Development...Marketing Ops...Project Management...Research...
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About Deepti

Deepti is an experienced Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions Architect, focusing on all features of the Salesforce platform since 2015. She's been working with clients on their business systems since 2012 and specializing in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2015.

Through the years she's worked with clients in many industries and of all sizes. Together, they have designed, built, tested, and implemented hundreds of successful projects in key areas of their business. Deepti truly enjoys identifying how technology solutions can help companies improve the way their business works and then turning those ideas into reality. Solving problems is what she does best! She specializes in optimizing user workflows, custom user interfaces, complex system integrations, and project management.

Deepti holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from BIT India. In her spare time, she's often traveling, camping, or binge-watching Netflix.