Day Davis Waterbury
Day Davis Waterbury

Day Davis Waterbury


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Oakland, California

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March 15, 2023
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About Day

Day functions primarily at the social level as a catalyst, a weaver, a facilitator, and a coordinator, though he frequently leverages his technical background and a systems view more broadly. Sometimes this looks like the midwifery of impact initiatives from conception to launch. Sometimes it's scaling or change management, or organizational transformation.

Right now his passion is working to catalyze a regeneration collaboration "full stack"; an integrated multifunction pro-social/pro-planet tech ecosystem. A turnkey suite of accessible and ethically sourced tooling for ad hoc groups of collaborators, to empower a global network of networks toward the greater goal of holonic placed-based-to-planetary self-governance.

The core functions of this stack are network discovery, relationship building, cultivation of trust, group sense making, participatory governance, collaborative project and resource management, and shared learning and knowledge curation, supporting iterative deep adaptation for #teamhuman on #spaceshipearth.

Activating transition capital in service of this shared purposed means cultivating connections with private funders to unlock public matching funds, and the development of sovereign natural asset funds, green DAOs and other creative means of resourcing these initiatives.

This is a lot.

Day's work is to weave together the many teams already working on pieces of this and facilitate collaboration and an ecosystem stewardship mindset, helping people get out of isolated heroic silos and into vital connection with their ready allies. Raising the many voices in the wilderness in a beautiful chorus.