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Chris Rochester

Chris Rochester


Senior Software Engineer


Costa Rica

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December 14, 2021
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About Chris

Chris is a Software developer with experience in Full-Stack Web Development, DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure management, Blockchain and anything in between. Chris has been a software developer for the last 5 years working on different projects, including projects in Ed-Tech, Data Analysis and Blockchain / Decentralized Applications.

He is passionate about innovation, bringing communities together, complex problem solving and improving quality of life through code. His full-stack development stack includes experience in plain Ruby and Ruby-on-rails, Java and Spring, Python and Django, and more. Chris also has frontend experience using Web component based frontend JavaScript frameworks like React and Lit-element as well as Typescript frameworks like Angular 8.

Chris has actively managed multiple DevOps and Cloud infrastructures using an varied toolkit:

  • Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Heroku.
  • Infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform and Ansible.
  • CI/CD tools like CircleCI, Travis and Gitlab's CI/CD pipeline.
  • Containerization and Orchestration tools like Docker and Kubernetes.