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Chris Hoffman

Chris Hoffman


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San Diego, CA

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February 15, 2023
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About Chris

Chris adds customer centric strategic leadership to your organization through implementation of support and retention strategies, optimization of support team structures, and recruitment of high performing individuals. Increase your existing team’s performance and ensure your customers feedback and pain points are being utilized and shared throughout your organization. With a masters degree in molecular biology and 20+ years of HIPAA compliant and DME customer experience leadership, highly regulated support organizations are a speciality.

Chris has led the creation of numerous customer experience teams from the ground up to scale with notable startups such as Tandem Diabetes Care, Helix, and Vessel Health with a 99.5% employee engagement rate. Customer retention efforts have consistently returned rates as high as 94% month over month. Health and wellness coaching teams have consistently returned CSAT scores of a perfect 100% and leveraged to generate educational, social, and marketing content, consistently increasing ROI and lowering CAC.