Chris Everett
Chris Everett

Chris Everett


Designer / Artist / Guide / Minister of Beauty


Minneapolis, MN

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April 20, 2023
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Design...Team Culture...Leadership Development...Creative Direction...
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About Chris

Chris’ practice is informed by 30 years of experience guiding leaders and teams as a coach, strategist, creative director, and designer in brand expression, agency-building, and vision.

Chris creates and guides experiences for individuals and organizations in threshold moments of change, possibility, and desire for evolution. As an accomplished musician, artist and designer, beauty is his language and nature his framework. Whether he’s guiding a quest for purpose, or a leadership journey, he uses beauty to expand and elevate how we think, and how we see our world.

His approach is different, and it isn’t for everyone. It calls you to invest your time and engage your senses, exploring personal insights and collective dreams. You’ll collaborate and co-create, and ultimately experience your essence in ways that no amount of traditional teamwork could ever replicate.

INSIDE OUT: Engage with new intelligences. Using Nature as our ally, we begin by listening to the self, expanding to the voice of the system, community and your place in the world.

DEEP PRESENCE: Step into emergent ways of being and becoming. Chris creates experiences that open a spaciousness unusual for modern times.

EXTENDED PARTNERSHIP: Commit to the journey; transformation takes time. Chris engages clients over time to help them integrate discoveries, create alignment, and expand impact.