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Charles Blass

Charles Blass


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Zürich, Switzerland

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September 18, 2023
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About Charles

Based in Zürich, Charles is a collaboration tech and collective wisdom generalist. He works with teams and groups as a content, communication and community catalyst, adviser, creator, curator and producer. Charles has expertise as a writer, editor, broadcaster, oral historian and documentarian, facilitator, team-builder, and network strategist.

Charles specializes in: English language production and optimization; legal copy editing and paralegal services; quality assurance for client- and public-facing content (eg publication, org and C-level identity); mind-mapping and related 'think-know tools'; sound engineering and production; programming, producing, and promoting large-scale radio festivals and on-air concerts; curating and moderating events series such as conversation-based sensemaking sessions; growing and composting community wisdom.

Co-evolving a series of globally-distributed initiatives to help make a better world, Charles has experience initiating, developing and managing communities, communication strategies and campaigns, media archives, partnerships, and advisory boards. He founded a non-profit arts and education company; co-founded a music label network; and managed recording studios and ongoing jam sessions.

Charles supports collective governance and infrastructure with (Networked Autonomous Organism, network coop framework for portable communities); Common Sense[makers] (explorers of 'Open Source Attention'); WeCollective holonic curation network; and UK cooperative Web3 publishing platform The Platform DAO Limited, where Charles is company secretary and a founding board member. Charles is in the Welcome Gardening Circle of Permaculture Colab, developing digital gardening patterns and cultivating conversational artifacts and learning resources; and he is a Kernel Fellow (Web3 co-learning 'community of care').

Charles co-founded the Collective Intelligence Collaboratory, a P2P innovation hub and rapid learning network for systems innovators. CICOLAB ran weekly showcases and thematic roundtables, gathering a substantial knowledge repository. Their affiliates included Kernel, Catalist, Co-Intelligence Institute/ Wise Democracy Project, Howard Rheingold University, Open Future Coalition, Collective Sense Commons, Open Global Mind, Open Learning Commons/ MetaCAugs, Peeragogy, School of Collective Intelligence (Morocco), and Grey Swan Guild.

Charles was a core design team & Advisory Board member of the Climate Change and Consciousness conference at Findhorn, also developing a global satellite hub network. He served as Communications & Community Lead for UK decisiontech platform impactRI, and as Creative & Managing Director of Swiss startup CV-4D, Charles coalesced and expanded the team, partners and advisers. In New York, Charles co-founded the music label network LiveWired; ran KMA Music (1650 + 1619 Broadway), and is founder and Executive Director of Lovevolv Inc, a 501(c)(3) arts and education organization.


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