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Worcester, Vermont, USA

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August 15, 2023
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About Cecile

Cecile Green is a visionary, social entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and homesteader with a passion for creating an ecology of practices for shared power that works in many different contexts so that we can collectively navigate the meta-crises to a healthy world. As an integral scholar-practitioner and lifelong learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over three decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments.

She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses. As the innovator of Collab, a rapid culture change tool kit for effective power sharing, she has researched and experimented with questions of human social power, systems of decision-making, and efficient operations in both academic and applied contexts, and is the author of the book “Collaboration that Works: A Ruthlessly Practical Handbook for a Generative World,” a training manual which summarizes her research and introduces these tools for practical application in organizations.

Cecile was raised in Istanbul Turkey for 10 years as a child where she learned French in an embassy school and spent hours exploring ancient ruins and the waters of the Aegean. In her spare time, she enjoys the wilds of Vermont, ecstatic dancing, and building beautiful homes and gardens.