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Irvine, California

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December 12, 2023
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Business Systems...IT Infrastructure...Technical Writing...External Relations...Team Culture...Program Management...Salesforce...
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About Brandon

Brandon has a diverse background, having worked at CVS, Rivian, Hallmark, NCR, and Walmart, gaining extensive knowledge of technology. His expertise spans technology infrastructure, software support and development, cloud infrastructure, and multi-SaaS product management.

In his latest role, Brandon is deeply immersed in Slack Enterprise Grid, focusing on systems integration, collaboration, and solution engineering for diverse business stakeholders. He thrives on meeting stakeholders, understanding their needs, and engineering innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, drive improvements, and reduce redundancies.

Brandon excels in Use Case Discovery, Definition, Develop, and Delivery, contributing to workplace transformation, business solutions development, and digital workplace strategy and roadmap management. His experience extends across major corporations and small businesses, showcasing his ability to digitally transform the employee work experience across a broad spectrum.