Adrian Zarif
Adrian Zarif

Adrian Zarif


Sociocracy Consultant


Bucharest, Romania

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October 6, 2023
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Team Culture...Enterprise Architecture...Collective Intelligene...Sociocracy...
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About Adrian

Adrian is a Certified Sociocracy Practitioner and Certified Sociocracy Facilitator who has graduated from SoLT (Sociocracy Leadership Training) organized by Sociocracy For All. He is now on the certification process as a Sociocracy Trainer certification process. He has a unique approach to dynamic governance and consent-based decision-making in communities, organizations, companies, co-ops and @work.

Adrian brings a blend of skills and real life experience in sociocratic governance, meeting facilitation, organizational design, consent decision-making, agenda forming, processes improvement, proposal forming, integrating objections, NVC (nonviolent communication), networking etc.

He is fostering collective intelligence, participation, and inclusivity to create a psychological safe working environment. His holistic approach facilitates the processes of identifying dimensions and integrating ideas into "good enough for now and safe enough to try" proposals that work for all those involved.

His primary background is engineering in electronics and communications networks.

When he is away from his computer, Adrian listens to instrumental relaxation music. He also enjoys quality conversations that bring inspiration.