Quorum1 Contributor Invitation for Ajeet Jain

Quorum1 Contributor Invitation for Ajeet Jain

🎉 You're Invited to Become a Full Quorum1 Contributor 🎉

As you know, Quorum1 has multiple levels of membership. You are currently a Community member, which means that your level of involvement is slightly limited and you don't yet have access to great things like being able to earn money.

You have been invited to upgrade to a full Contributor-level member.

To do this, you need a sponsor. Hank Holiday has agreed to sponsor you for membership at the Contributor membership level. Congratulations!

To understand more about about the membership levels you can go here: https://wiki.quorum.one/join

👉 Once you're ready to accept the invitation and get started, go here: Quorum1 Contributor Upgrade Form

Here's an overview of the onboarding process:

  1. Fill out the onboarding form (linked above)
  2. Sign the member agreement
  3. Schedule setup & orientation calls
  4. Start exploring your new upgraded member abilities!

If you have any questions, DM your sponsor in Slack!